Teaser for the Mercy Junction Devotional: 30 Days of Prayer


I am currently collaborating with the artist Morgan Koch on a prayer book that will be available this Fall.  Morgan has been a faithful member of Mercy Junction’s worship group and a vital member.  She is a talented artist whose work can be purchased from the Woven Dumpster and on Sunday’s at The Chattanooga Market.  The book will feature 21 poem/prayers that I have written and 30 visible representations of prayers.  The remaining 9 blank pages will give the reader the opportunity to draw or write their own prayers.  The picture above is an interpretation of this prayer:

Holy One

When my being crumbles like cheap, old concrete

it shows the mortar holding vital organs

will deteriorate such that everything

tumbles into uneven piles.

It appears to confirm

a flashy call for better morals

or a the vacancy of a better structure

than this impossible one.

Others claim the project

doomed from the outset.

I am amazed that your view

of demolition,

and seeing in it

a glorious monument

to your history.


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