Blessed Are The Organized (Homily)


While we hear of these corporations and powerful interests hijacking our politics and lying about labor they have also attempted to hijack religion itself.  They would have you believe a neutered and false faith.  Still, Jesus is greater than the most radical revolutionaries in our society. It was Jesus who said that a worker is worth their pay and this was repeated by Paul.  It is time for the religious to reclaim the true radical message of the holy writ.  


There is no moral ambiguity in this scripture for those who are greedy, exploit workers, deride the poor and steal for their own financial gain.  There is a blanket condemnation of such as a clear evil.  Especially when some use power to give preferential treatment to those who already have financial advantages.


When power’s greed, exploitation, corruption and sin contaminates our society it is time for those in the labor class to declare them, as Paul did, “Principalities, powers and rulers of darkness in this world.” Though we know some by name others lurk in the shadows of their cronyism to create PACs, Lobbyists, corporate Persons,  Chamber of Commerce and Prayer Breakfasts.  They secretly collude with people like the Koch Brothers and ALEC to construct “Right to Work” legislation that their paid for politicians are eager to pass.


So, today we declare freedom!  Freedom from the shame that Senator Bob Corker would bring to organizing labor.  Freedom from wage slavery and the shame of debt that powerful forces preach.  Freedom from unemployment, underemployment, stagnant wages and job insecurity.  


We are here to proclaim that money and power are not morality!!!  No matter how often the bootlicking politicians preach this line.  


Truth is freedom and freedom is the goal of humans bending toward the love, justice, mercy and peace God desires.  We have truth today!


The approach by our opponents is an old, but effective one in the short term, fear.  Yet, I am here to tell you that fear is not truth.  The victory is ours because truth defies power and wealth.  Truth proclaims itself from this valley to the peaks of Signal and Lookout Mountain.  It proclaims itself wherever the powerful hide.  

Truth is moving forward today and will always win in the end.  Thank you and may God bless you.


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