Cross for Equality

Cross 4
The Rev. Brian Merritt, founder/evangelist at Mercy Junction, paints the first Cross for Equality display.

The Mercy Junction community is busy sawing, hammering and painting – creating 8-foot tall rainbow-colored wooden crosses that the ministry hopes other faith communities will use to display their support for equality for all Chattanooga residents in advance up the upcoming vote on upholding the city’s non-discrimination and domestic partnership ordinance.

The Cross for Equality displays will be unveiled during a press conference at Renaissance Presbyterian Church on Monday afternoon at 5:30 p.m. Following the press conference, communities of faith, ministries and churches may pick up a Cross for Equality, suitable for display outside or inside their houses of worship.

Renaissance Presbyterian Church is an especially fitting location for the unveiling. More than 40 years ago, the Rev. Leroy and Gloria Griffith were a young interracial couple seeking to be married, but could not find a church in the city that would allow the ceremony to take place. The Griffiths were married behind what would become Renaissance church.

The Rev. Brian Merritt, founder and evangelist at Mercy Junction said, “Vote ‘for’ the civil rights of every one of our hard working Chattanoogans on Aug. 7 and bear witness for the rest of the nation what it means to love your neighbor.”

A Facebook page for the Cross for Equality project has been created so that different faith communities can share photos of their displays. The Facebook page can be found at

Following the press conference on Monday, Mercy Junction will host a phone banking session for the YES Chattanooga campaign, which is the organizing effort dedicated to upholding the non-discrimination and domestic partnership ordinance. This will be the second event Mercy Junction has hosted to support the campaign and follows a day of canvassing hosted by the ministry earlier this month.

If your faith community would like to receive one of the Cross for Equality displays, please email, call/text 423-457-2519, or message us on Facebook. You can also join us on Monday at the press conference and receive your display then.

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