Prayer For Tonight’s Vigil


Holy Spirit,

Come upon us
And dwell amongst us.
Burn amongst us so that we may not lose heart
To the fear pressing us on every side.
Do not make us fear
Our own confession and repentance
Of our own prejudices,
Keep us safe from the fear
In other’s prejudices.
Turn fear toward repentance
And repentance toward wholeness.
Like Peter,
In front of us,
We have a vision from God.
We hear God ask,
“Why do you call unclean
What I have called clean?”
Too many continue to be
Sacrificed on bigotry and hatred’s altar.
In humility we give judgment back
To the eternal keeper of justice
And strive to be justice
Here on earth.

We pray for Ferguson, the Browns
And those who seek justice.
Bend the heart of the unjust
And give them an equitable way
When they claim there is no way.

In our own city we pray
For all who are oppressed
And marginalized by
principalities, powers and rulers of darkness.
Help us who claim morality
To reexamine our own hearts
To see what systems of injustice
We might be perpetrating
On the outsider, alien or outcast.
We pray our city might not merely
See a renaissance benefiting a few
While another more nefarious renaissance
Grows amongst the poor, immigrant,
Single mothers, ex convicts, the homeless,
residents in CHA housing,
African Americans, Latinos,
the LGBT or low paid workers.
We pray our city might be
A city of refuge for all seeking justice and protection.
We pray this in your holy name.



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