To Two Boys and A Mother I May Never See Again


Dear Friends,

It has been a joy to get to know your family over the last year. We first met in the community garden when you were so desperate for financial help. I was grateful that saintly people at Renaissance Presbyterian Church took you under their wings to get your needs met. Your boys have been precociously fantastic and have helped me tremendously in the garden. I gained great enjoyment in growing seeds, weeding, water fights, painting and picking produce with them. Their spirit is substantial and strong. You have been a good mother to them, as everyone who knows you will attest.

Seeing you load a truck with your possessions and our very sad conversation about your uncertain next days haunts me. I hope that those I connected you with help you solve your current problems. From our mutual friends I heard you were too ashamed to come to us with your financial problems. Know that I do not see that as weakness on your part, but a part of our Church’s great sin.

I am so sorry that our society sees you as a commodity on a capital spreadsheet instead of the beautiful humans you are to us. I am sorry that the church is not a place of rescue, but too often furthers shame upon the poor. I am sorry that your sons may be seen and treated differently because of the color of their skin because the power people of my skin want to maintain. I am mostly sorry that I may never see each of you again. Your presence in our community was and is important. I continue to hope and work toward the change that proves that God shows no more partiality to your family than any other one in our communities.



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