October’s ‘Holy Heretic: A Menu for Justice’ is now online

Mercy Junction’s October issue of Holy Heretic zine has just been mailed and the electronic version of the 40-page “radical devotional” posted online.

The Woven Dumpster artist Morgan Koch, creates each month’s front cover and designed the Our Lady of Holy Heretics as the logo for the zine.  Holy Heretic editor Beth Foster describes Our Lady as a logo to “depict visually what we hope to create monthly in this little publication.”

Each month the zine’s goal is to inspire readers to create a more just world while seeking influence from faith traditions across time and around the world. Each issue of Holy Heretic includes a daily reading and center article around the monthly theme. The first issue, which was the zine’s creation, had a theme of CREATION and recounts creation stories from 31 different cultures. The August theme was WHO IS GOD? and writers included people of various faith traditions as well as the non-religious. September’s issue was PRAYERS, written by Mercy Junction founder and evangelist, the Rev.  Brian Merritt.Our Lady

The newest issue is A MENU FOR JUSTICE and looks at various food justice issue across human, animal and environmental concerns.

Holy Heretic collaborates with activists, people of faith, writers and artists to discuss issues of equality, justice and oppression around topics ranging from the economy, housing and food to the environment, animals and culture — all with a creative, sometimes snarky, sometimes provocative, always loving edge. The zine seeks to bring together the voices of individuals from different faith traditions, as well as those who are not religious, to comment on the calling of people of conscience to work toward justice.

Hard copies of each issue are produced individually, by hand, and are available by request. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, please email holyhereticzine@gmail.com. The ebook version of the zine is available at the link below. Donations from readers help to support Holy Heretic and Mercy Junction and are greatly appreciated. Donations can be sent by Paypal to opentableexchange@gmail.com.

Get your FREE copy of the ebook edition of Holy Heretic here.


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