Your ‘Yes’ Sign Is An Affront to My Humanity

Shall Article I, of the Constitution of Tennessee be amended by adding the following language as a new, appropriately designated section:

Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion. The people retain the right through their elected state representatives and state senators to enact, amend, or repeal statutes regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest or when necessary to save the life of the mother.

I’ve been really angry this week.

Every day I drive by houses and business in Bradley County, Tenn. that support Amendment 1, a legislative-referred amendment to the Tennessee Constitution.

Each of these signs is a personal affront to my humanity. Each of these signs represent an individual human being, a neighbor, a community member, possibly a friend, who is saying that I am not capable of making reasonable, moral decisions about the most personal, private aspects my own healthcare, my own body.

This is what your “Yes” sign is saying to me and about me: I matter so little that the state can decide I should die by outlawing a medical procedure. I matter so little that if I were raped, the state can deny me access to a medical procedure and force me to carry a pregnancy that was forced on me by violence. I am so incapa10687079_721166887964232_1053750138963163673_nble that decisions regarding my health should be taken by the force of law and made by men (the Tennessee General Assembly is 83.3 percent male).

I’m really angry. Really, really angry.

That we are having a debate, a vote, about whether women are really fully human beings (which is what this really boils down to) in 2014 is disgusting and infuriating.

I get lividly angry at the framing of the Yes campaign.

To pretend that this has something to do with giving the people of Tennessee a voice is the height of deception. Really? Taking decisions away from the people and putting them in the hands of a male governing body is giving us voice? And, for that matter, the people of Tennessee don’t have a voice in decisions about my body. Only I have a voice in decisions about my body. Only you have a voice in decisions about your body.

For Yes supporters to pretend they are standing on some higher moral ground while trying to pass a Constitutional Amendment that dehumanizes half the state’s population, that has absolutely no compassion for people who are in the most difficult of situations and facing the most painful of choices, is not moral ground. It’s evil.

To pretend that this campaign is about caring about women and their health is the height of deception. This is not about caring about women.

This is about misogyny and patriarchy, pure and simple.

If you vote Yes on Amendment 1, if you display a Vote Yes yard sign, what you are saying yes to is misogyny and patriarchy and nothing more and nothing less.


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