Prayers and Solidarity for People of #Ferguson

As the Missouri National Guard mobilizes and weapons of power are brandished in Ferguson, we pray for justice that can bring a lasting peace in our community. Having surveyed the broken covenant that the African-American community has realized across our country, Ferguson represented a breaking point for so many of our oppressed sisters and brothers. Not only was an unarmed citizen lethally judged by an individual with absolute power, an immoral inequality became so apparent it was impossible to ignore. Mercy Junction stands with those who bear witness to the inequality, racism, powerlessness, oppression and violence in our communities and who are forced to confront it daily. With them, we seek a justice that begins with equality and ends in peace. There will be no peace without first justice. There will be no reconciliation without repentance. We pray that the hard work to end state-sanctioned violence and the scapegoating of entire communities begins. Until that time, we will see in these oppressed people the true heritage of Christ and the church.


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