Prayer At The Bradley County Courthouse For Journey For Justice

“I Don’t Give To Idlers”



Holy one,

Too often we are overwhelmed by numbers.
There are numbers that are so large,
They are larger than all but two
Of Tennessee’s cities.
280,000 is too large a number,
Numbers too abstract for politicians,
Numbers of those too weak to have expensive lobbyists,
Too poor to make political contributions,
Too broken to invest at Morgan Stanley.
Epilepsy, cancer, crones disease, pneumonia,
Are lost in those numbers.

You have not forgotten each and every suffering person.
You, who knows the hairs in our head
Cries out for justice for your people.
We pray for salvation today
For our neighbors, friends, co-workers and family.
We pray for a change in the hardened hearts
Of seven state senators
And other politicians like them.
We know that nothing is impossible for God.
We ask that you dissolve the politics of narcissism,
Take down the false gods of corporate influence,
Overturn the table of monied power,
Change the heart of obstruction because of racism,
Destroy all our party politics if they use people as pawns,
Take down the false idols of churches obsessed
by culture wars over loving their neighbors.
Dissolve corruption, nepotism, paternalism, indifference,
Suppression, talking points, re-election cycles,
Alec, group think and cynicism
Into the hope of wholeness
For those who suffer uninsured.

We are reminded over and over and over
In all your holy texts
That you are for, amongst and siding always
With the outsider, the stranger, the oppressed, the poor.
You burn with anger against injustice
And hold those in power who perpetuate suffering
On the vulnerable in judgment.
Help us to not strive toward justice,
But to live just lives
That bend our world toward
A vision of the society in which you dream,
A world that you envisioned for us
When you created us.

In your name


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