Utility company leaves mother and two children without access to water


(Please consider a donation to Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center to help us as tomorrow we make the final payment necessary to get a family’s water turned on and kept on! By Paypal to donations@mercyjunctioncenter.org or mail your check to Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center, 1918 Union Ave., Chattanooga TN 37404.)

‪#‎WaterIsAHumanRight‬ and ‪#‎MercyJunction‬ has been working with a mother of two who didn’t have water from May until earlier this month. The water is now turned on due to the generosity of individuals who paid her back payments and deposit to re-start services. However, the utility company is demanding an additional $112.50 that must be paid by Monday, Aug. 17, in order to keep the service. The additional fee is because the utility company removed the meter and pipe that connected her house to the water system. We are hoping to raise the money to pay the fee. If you can contribute, donations can be sent by Paypal to donations@mercyjunctioncenter.org or mailed to Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center, 1918 Union Ave., Chattanooga TN 37404.

Her story is a long one in which many different systems of oppression are at play. She has battled her way through poverty many times, and other sources of help are no longer available to her because she has called upon them too many times. She was arrested on shoplifting charges a couple of years ago and spent some time in jail. When she was released, she found employment and seemed to be getting her life back on track. That is until she couldn’t pay her monthly installment on fines and went back to jail earlier this year.

By the time she was released, she had accumulated more fines and had lost her job. She is now employed again and working toward a better life, but is still struggling to make ends meet as she makes court-mandated payments on more than $5,000 in fines. She and her children have spent the summer bathing under neighbors’ water hoses in the middle of the night, and carrying water to flush toilets and do dishes.

If you can help us to meet the basic human needs of this woman and her two children, your help would be greatly appreciated.


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