Mercy Junction’s Statement Against the Islamophobic Comments of Sheriff Jim Hammond

Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center strongly condemns the ill-informed, inaccurate and inflammatory comments Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond made today at the Pachyderm Club. Not only were the comments bigoted and hateful, they are dangerous to the liberty of a religious community within Hamilton County. Residents of Hamilton County should have confidence that all religions are protected under our shared guaranteed constitutional freedoms. It is an inherent danger when armed agents of the government condemn a religion practiced by the people they serve. Singling out a particular religious community for persecution by county officials is reprehensible and the height of immorality.
Mercy Junction calls on:
1) Sheriff Hammond to issue an unambiguous apology to our Muslim brothers and sisters that includes assurances that their religious freedoms will not be restrained by the religious prejudices of county officers.
2) The Hamilton County Republican Party to affirm the free practices of all religions and condemn the dangerous rhetoric of Sheriff Hammond.
To read more about Sheriff Hammond’s comments, visit this link:


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