‘A Worker Deserves Their Pay: Supper and Prayers’ tonight to support striking machinists

This evening, Mercy Junction will be hosting ‘A Worker Deserves Their Pay: Supper and Prayers’ on the picket line of the striking machinists with IAM & AW Local Lodge 56.

The picket line is at 2318 Hotlzclaw Ave. in Chattanooga, outside of Tuftco Corporation. Dinner will be served beginning at 6:30 pm and the community is invited to join us for the prayers and meal.

Mercy Junction Statement in Support of Striking Machinists:
Employers engaging in collective bargaining in good faith with workers is the bedrock of a just working environment. In a just relationship, workers have a fair say into conditions, pay, benefits and advancement in exchange for their labor. The local machinists have had a breach of faith with their employer when it comes to the very basic human right of workers being allowed to engage in collective bargaining. When an employer ignores the human rights of their workers, there is a moral breach that must be rectified by a moral change in attitude.

As people of faith, Mercy Junction supports the collective bargaining rights of the Machinists Union Lodge 56 and their democratic right to be empowered in the safety, policy, pay, seniority system, overtime and future of their work at Tuftco. This human right is affirmed by United State’s law, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and religious institutions that represent billions of faithful people. We see this not only as a legal breach with the workers at Tuftco, but also as breaking a moral covenant with workers. We encourage the management of Tuftco to come back to the table in good faith bargaining and humbly listen to the people whose labor enables them to continue to be a successful, multi-million dollar business.

A link to the Facebook event can be found at:


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