Holy Heretic Daily Devotional: July 8-Be Still

Our Lady


Compiled by Mercy Junction Council Member Sadie Morgan

“Be still and know that I am God.” — Psalm 46:10

We live in a “bootstraps” kind of world. Whatever kind of problem you might have, the first question posed by ourselves and others is invariably, “What are you going to DO about that?” While an answer of “I don’t know” might elicit some sympathy, to reply “Nothing” is generally going to be met with contempt.

We are full of proverbs: “God helps those who help themselves.”

“If you pray for potatoes, you’d better grab a hoe.”

“Teach a man to fish …”

The implications are that all solutions depend on our actions, so we burn ourselves out with frantic activity. If acceptable results are not produced, we internalize the blame and guilt.

Rare are the voices that say “Be still.” Or “If in doubt, do nothing.”

We pay lip service to leaving matters “in God’s hands” but we really think that’s a cop-out.

Sure, there is a time for action, when direction is clearly before us. Just as importantly, there’s a time to be still and let the Power of the Universe open solutions to us.

Throughout my life I’ve had innumerable incidences where solutions to baffling problems simply presented themselves to me. I call these “God things” even as I acknowledge it has often been “God with skin on,” meaning people in my life with unexpected helping hands. Something had to put it in their heart and mind to become involved, and that is the “God thing” to me.

Once I had an unexpected check in my mailbox at a time of financial desperation, and telling my friends, one of them said, “I wish my god worked like that!” All I knew to reply is “I wish your god worked like that, too!” Mine does, and I hope yours does too!

Today’s Action:

Think back to situations you faced that seemed insurmountable, when solutions just “appeared.” Use these memories to help yourself “Be Still”.

Sharing: We’d love to see some of your “God things.”
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