Holy Heretic Devotion: July 12-Be Still

Our Lady

Compiled by Rev. Brian Merritt

“Be gentle when you touch bread. Let it not lie, uncared for, unwanted. So often bread is taken for granted. There is such beauty in bread–Beauty of surf and soil, beauty of patience and toil. Wind and ruin have caressed it, Christ often blessed it. Be gentle when you touch bread.” — Celtic Prayer in The Open Gate by David Adam

I attribute bread making to my remaining in the Protestant Christian faith. When I had returned from Moody Bible Institute and stripped away all the evangelical/fundamentalism that was at the core of my faith I found that I had very little left. I sat in my apartment when I returned from work at Sam’s Club and nihilistically drank. I had no hope, no promise and certainly no longer any faith. Carol had convinced me to attend the local Presbyterian Church with her and I reluctantly went. I remember very little of the service and arrogantly labeled it unremarkable.

The next evening, to my surprise, there was a knock on the door. A very nervous elderly woman stood in the doorway.

“I am an elder at First Presbyterian Church. We noticed that you had visited our church yesterday and we wanted to give you this as a gift of appreciation.” she said as she extended a warm loaf of bread.

From that day forward I have accepted that bread over and over again. Whether it is at the Lord’s Table , sharing a meal or in receiving unexpected gifts of grace. My faith is certainly not my own. It is shared and sharing with the larger community that keeps me a part of something much larger than myself.

Today’s Action: Mindfully eat bread, but before eating it pray the Celtic prayer above.

Sharing: We would love to hear your description of the texture, taste and feel of the bread you ate.

**Do not forget to fill in your gratitude in the printed Holy Heretic.**

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