Holy Heretics Daily Devotional: July 13-Be Still

Our Lady


Compiled by Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Director Beth Foster

“Sleep is the best meditation.”  — Dalai Lama

What I have learned about myself, after four decades on this earth, is that I need a good night’s rest to function well. When I’m running on too little — no matter how much I love my work, how passionate I am about my project, how happy my life is in every other way — things start to fall apart. When I am tired, my brain imagines dire scenarios that I begin to believe are inevitable outcomes in reality. I become easily overwhelmed and accomplish little, and often create more work for myself. It is often when I am my busiest, my happiest, my most fulfilled that I will try to skimp on sleep to get more done. What I have finally learned is that no matter how busy I think I am or how enjoyable a project might be, I must stop at a designated time and give myself rest. At 42 years of age, I have finally established a regular bed time and waking time for myself. This is one of the healthiest disciplines I have ever chosen to keep, improving both my mental health, spiritual health and physical health.

Today’s Action: Do you have a regular bed time and waking time? If not, how could you establish such a routine in your schedule? Tonight, get eight hours of sleep.

Sharing: We’d love to hear about your bed time/wake time — do you have an established time? If so, how has this improved your mental, spiritual and physical health?
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