Holy Heretics Daily Devotional: July 15-Be Still

Our Lady


Compiled by Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Council Member Sadie Morgan

“Be stillAnd go on to bed
Nobody knows what lies ahead
And life is short
To say the least
We’re in the belly of the beast” – The Killers, Be Still, 2012

We live in troubled times. There’s a cartoon on the internet that says, “My need to stay informed is at odds with my desire to stay sane.” We know the feeling – too many problems and no real solutions in sight. It’s crazy-making. Some choose to escape the feelings of powerlessness with alcohol or drugs. Others immerse themselves in entertainments, compulsive overwork, or many other diversions. The problem is that these things only work for awhile – all of them demand more and more to keep us anesthetized to the world around us.

Wisdom literature of all faiths and ages offers a different solution:

Be still.

Go on to bed.

Tell those you love how you feel.

Use the good china.

Life is short.

Be kind.

Do whatever good you can.

Keep it simple.

Be still.

Go on to bed.

Today’s Action: “Doing good” doesn’t have to be a big deal. Pick up somebody’s trash and put it in the can. Do something good and don’t tell anybody about it.

Sharing: Don’t tell us what good you did. That would break the rules! But, we’d love to hear how it made you feel. Did it calm your spirit? Give you a bit of peace?
** Don’t forget your gratitude journal at the back of your print edition of Holy Heretic!

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