Fellowship of Heretics Daily Devotional: August 2-Solitude

Our Lady

Compiled by Mercy Junction Pastor Brian Merritt

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Matthew 4:1

Why is it that we most often have to be hurled into the wilderness to experience solitude? Most often I must go to the edge of my spiritual, mental and physical endurance before both my body and mind forces me to stop. “Come let us reason.” That is the plea of God. Take the time to talk, grapple, argue and experience the divine. If we do not go into the wilderness, we will be forced there. God loves us too much to leave us.

Today’s Action: Today I want to build on the action from the last devotion. I want you to stop in the midst of the world and be still. Take this opportunity to watch any type of bird that is close by.

Sharing: What are the ways the bird communicates? What are it’s concerns?

** Don’t forget your gratitude journal at the back of your print edition of Holy Heretic!

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