Fellowship of Heretics Daily Devotional: August 3-Solitude

Our Lady



Compiled by Holy Heretic Benjamin Foster

“A solitude is the audience-chamber of God.” — Walter Savage Landor

Throughout my entire life, the woods behind my home have served as a personal escape for me. Something about being there, in the heart of the forest, walking through the trees, and being a part of it, on a whole yet on my own, is a calming and comforting experience for me. I never really understood why this was until I grew up a bit, and like most workings of God, I still can’t tell you I completely understand it now.

What I have learned as I’ve grown and studied however, is that, like Walter Savage Landor said, in solitude is one of the best places, though certainly not the only place, to share an audience with God. Throughout religious history many prophets and holy people have went into a place of solitude to receive instruction from the Holy Spirit. Buddha abandoned all of his worldly possessions as a prince for a journey spent in solitude which ultimately led to his finding enlightenment. The Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation by the angel Gabriel was in his time of seclusion and solitude in the cave of Hira. Both Moses and Christ retreated into a place of solitude frequently to speak with God.

In the modern world, it’s easy to become addicted to the praise and affirmation of others and lose sight of the will of God in our lives. Through time spent in solitude we can begin to unravel ourselves from the influence of other’s opinions and can truly begin to experience the Holy Spirit through quiet meditation and prayer. This detachment and alone time with God can not only rejuvenate our own spirits but sensitize us to the needs and concerns of the world at large and the people that share our journey through it every day. This allows us to center ourselves and return to God’s work feeling refreshed and revived.

Today’s Action: Find or rediscover your place of solitude. Go and stay there for awhile. Pray and conversate with God. Pay attention to the things the Holy Spirit lays upon your heart during your seclusion.
Sharing: Upon returning from your time spent in solitude, share the contemplations laid upon you with the community so that we may rejoice or pray together.

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