GoFundMe to send MJ director to Poor People’s Campaign National Summer Gathering

Link to the GoFundMe by clicking here.

Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Director Beth Foster will be traveling to Baltimore later this month to participate in the Poor People’s Campaign Summer National Gathering.

The Poor People’s Campaign is being led by Kairos: the Center for Religion, Rights and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary , and is organizing as the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s call for a Poor People’s Campaign approaches.

Beth will be gone for six days and this fundraiser will help pay for hotel, food and other travel expenses. Any money donated in excess of travel expenses will be directed toward work of the Poor People’s Campaign.

The gathering in Baltimore will include leaders who may play a role hosting a stop on a revival tour and/or participating in a Year of Revival planning and activities in the anniversary year, The Poor People’s Campaign Arts and Culture Collective, The Poor People’s Campaign Media Collective and organizational representation from those who have endorsed the call for a new Poor People’s Campaign.

The purpose of the gathering is greater unity on what the Poor People’s Campaign is, why we need it,  and the role of the Revivals as the next stage towards launching a new Poor People’s Campaign, building our shared commitment to and ownership of the Poor People’s Campaign and the Revivals, renew and deepen our commitment to building a movement that can unite the poor and dispossessed across all lines of division in order to “transform the whole structure of American life,” assess core strengths that groups and individuals are bringing to the table, clarify the different roles that endorsing organizations, collectives, and  individuals can play in launching the New Poor People’s Campaign, propose an organizational structure for the Poor People’s Campaign, and more.


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