Holy Heretic zine: Call for submissions, September theme-Acceptance

It is

We’re working on our September issue of Holy Heretic and we’re looking for essays, drawings, photographs, poems and other writing and artistic work around the month’s topic.

We finish our summer theme — “Be” with the focus of the September issue: “Acceptance.”

What does it mean to accept who we are? To accept who those we love are? To accept our circumstances and the world in their broken conditions? How does acceptance balance with our call as activists to change what is wrong in the world, to heal the broken and to become better than what we are — to become more fully who we are?

Submissions should be sent to holyhereticzine@gmail.com by 5 pm on Monday, August 22 for publication in next month’s issue.

“Holy Heretic is a monthly zine influenced by the wisdom of diverse traditions to inspire readers to create a more just world. Holy Heretic collaborates with artists, people of faith, writers and activists to discuss a range of issues in the quest for freedom, justice and peace — all with a creative, sometimes snarky, sometimes provocative, always loving, edge. We seek to bring together the voices of individuals of different faith traditions, as well as those who are not religious, to comment on the calling of people of conscience to work toward change.”


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