Holy Heretic Daily Devotional August 22-Solitude



Compiled by Mercy Junction Administrative Assistant, Reiki Master and Empath, Kali Meister

“Sit in your cell as in paradise. Put the whole world behind you and forget it…The path you must follow is in the Psalms—never leave it.” Brief Rule of Romuald

The concept of what is paradise varies from person to person. For some people the concept of paradise may be an island with lots of sunshine and gorgeous beaches. Paradise may be in a cabin on top of a snow covered mountain with someone special who you love. Regardless, it’s more than likely that few people consider a cell their paradise. A cell is a small place where we feel we are a prisoner. Nobody considers a prison paradise. However, in regard to solitude we must do exactly that.

I remember when I was twenty-six and I left a particularly difficult partner. I moved into a tiny basement studio apartment. It was a dump, but it was mine. I had some nicknacks, a comforter, a pan, a plate, and my dog. I had moved to Knoxville with this man I had broken up with and had very few friends. The night I moved into my apartment I sat on the floor wrapped in my blanket with my dog. I cried. I felt so isolated and alone and worried I’d die in that studio with no friends.

My only activity was that I went to work then came home everyday for months. I still had no furniture, just me and my dog. Then one night I was making dinner. I had purchased a bag of frozen lima beans. They sat in the freezer for weeks. My ex had hated lima beans. I’d not eaten them in over five years. I truly missed them, so I purchased them at the store for myself after we broke up. After two months of wallowing in my solitude I opted to finally enjoy myself.

I cooked the lima beans in a vegetable broth with lemon, butter, and garlic in my tiny single pan. When they were perfectly done I poured them into my only plate. I sat on the floor and ate them with the serving spoon I used to cook them. I slowly enjoyed each of those beans. Each bite lifted my mood and helped me understand that I could appreciate this time with myself.

In my tiny cell I found a paradise where my past mistakes didn’t matter and I understood all that is possible is ahead of me.

Today’s Action: Find a paradise in your personal cell. Discover on a small level that creates your own paradise.

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