Sacred Scribbles: What Is A Soul?


Today at Mercy Junction, the Sacred Scribbles writing group worked around the question: “What Is A Soul?” The project culminated in the following group poem …

What is a soul?

To reflect a communion, a dependence, a sacred heartbeat.

The soul is not inert and unable to show strength.

It is all that makes us human beings.

Live the right way for the Lord.

A never-ending dance between heaven and earth.

I must answer the question: What is without soul?

Is the peace presence of God.

Show love and not hate.

The Sacred Scribbles writing group meets every Saturday at 2 pm at Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center.

Bring your journal and your favorite pen, and join us as we think about spirituality, the sacred and ourselves through creative writing and journaling. Each session includes meditation, writing prompts, journaling and sharing. Children ages 10 and older are invited to join the writing group if they are accompanied by an adult.

Those participating are welcome to stay for Mercy Junction’s vegan Weekend Community Meal, which is from 3 to 5 pm on Saturdays.


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