Fellowship of Heretics Daily Devotional: September 21-Acceptance



Compiled by Holy Heretic Benjamin Foster

“Go and love someone exactly as they are. Watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.” –Wes Angelozzi

There are many different people in the world. Black people, white people, red, and yellow people; Christians, Jews, Muslims, and non-religious people; needless to say, the list goes on and on about our differences. However, at the end of Galatians 3, we’re shown that in the love of God there are no different people, just people.

Verse twenty eight of chapter three reads:

“There is neither Jew or Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Galatians 3:28 tells us that regardless of status, race, or gender, we all stand equally before God. This verse shows us not only that when we choose to follow God we are accepted for who we are, but also as Christians that we are to love and accept one another as God has done for us.

Ultimately this verse is to establish everyone’s equality on a spiritual level but in knowing that we are to love others as God loves us, this verse shows us that we are to see people as people alone, and love them, despite any perceived differences we may have. As God shows acceptance so should we as followers on our spiritual path.

Today’s Action: Try to see the commonalities between yourself and those you perceive most different from you.

Sharing: Share a conversation with some you perceive to be greatly different from yourself. Please comment on our Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/HolyHereticZine

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