Fellowship of Heretics Daily Devotional: October 1, 2016 — I was sick, and you cared for me


Compiled by Holy Heretic Connie Foster

“Transformation in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people.” — Michael W. Smith.

Sometimes when I think about that time in my life, anger comes rushing back all over again.

This was 25 years ago now, and I was a 40-year-old mother of a 18-month-old baby boy, and three daughters, ages 9, 13 and 15. I also worked for the Head Start program, where we serve children birth to age 5 — so I had knowledge in the development of young children.

I knew something was very wrong with my baby boy. Instead of progressing, he was regressing in development, wanting to sleep all the time, and was losing his ability to walk. He only wanted me to hold him. He wasn’t the energetic little boy he had been just a month ago.

Although I had no insurance, I took him to every doctor around, sometimes having to wait for pay day to see thee next physician.

I was told over and over that because I was an older mother and because this was my first boy, I was just overreacting.

One evening when I came home from work, he was in a semi-coma. We rushed him to the emergency room. The doctor on call, after seeing so many doctors, immediately raised his eyelids and said, “There is something seriously wrong with your baby. I am going to fly him out to the university hospital tonight.”

At the University of Kentucky, a team of pediatricians met us immediately. The next morning, the doctors gave us the news that our baby boy had an astrocytoma brain tumor. Surgery was done and we were told to take him home and love him for a couple years and that would probably be all we had.

Ben is now 26 years old now with a heart as big as the sky.

I still have moments when I want to get angry at all those doctors for not trusting a mother’s instinct. We were told at the University of Kentucky that if we had not gotten the tumor removed, he would have just quit breathing in less than two weeks because the tumor was growing so rapidly.

I have been able to forgive and heal over time and know that this was God’s plan and I have been able to share with parents my experience and encourage them to never give up. If a parent’s instinct is that something is wrong with their child, something is wrong.

Today’s Action. Think about your own healing experiences. What did they teach you and what can they teach others?

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