Fellowship of Heretics Daily Devotional: October 25, 2016 — I was sick, and you cared for me



Compiled by Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Pastor Rev. Brian Merritt

Experience teaches us how fertile is the field of falsehood in the human mind and the smallest grains when sown there will grow to yield an immense harvest. John Calvin

Here at Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center we know John Calvin’s axiom to unfortunately accurate. When we have encountered those who because of injustice, social status or allegiances  find their position or power threated they sometimes resort to falsehoods to poison public perception.

It is frightening when others are spreading rumors, half-truths and sometimes outright lies about you or the work you do. If we are people pleasers we want others to like us, if we are justice seekers we want justice and sometimes we just do not want our good name smeared.

This is even worst when vulnerable or oppressed populations find themselves attacked for standing up for their rights. They might be fighting privileged and power to restore justice and find that their imperfections are much easier exploited than good upstanding folk in the community. As Justice and Peace seekers we must loudly counter the wavering commitment to root out injustice by those who we sometimes thought allies, but were unworthy of that call. We must also not be afraid to stand up against politicians, community activists, white supremacists, those who hide other’s sexual misconduct or those who exploit workers for personal gain.

Today’s Action:

Go through the headlines on CNN. How many of those headlines are meant to create doubt about another candidate by another candidate? Since we are in the political season, how many times in the past 24 hours have you heard a candidate say something that you know is not true?

Sharing: We would love to hear about times that you overcame having things said about you that were untrue.

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