Fellowship of Heretics Daily Devotional: December 8, 2016 — There Was No Room for Them In The Inn



Compiled by Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Council Member Maddie Nix

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” — Muhammad Ali

Dusty Grins

Cold nights behind the hollow masks
Of wealthy teeth and rich refrains
With faces dull and dusty grins
Smug in the warmth that doesn’t ask
Of others’ paths and walks away
In silent stares to cobble stones
That echo darkness left unseen
By steps that quicken with dismay
And crave forgetful locks on doors
So keen
To keep the words without that stir
The dormant fossil of the soul
Like coal
With sparks and breeze to breathe and seethe;
So, dampened down with dry old drops
The paces drum
And faces
Drown for want of change – they don’t
Exchange a word, a look, a smile
But hide behind the surge of bile
Which spins
On faces dull and dusty grins.

Adriano Bulla


Today’s Action: If service to others is indeed the rent you pay for your room here on earth, make a list of the ways in which you are paying your rent. How are you serving others? Is your tab paid in full or do you need to put in some more hours?

Today’s Sharing: What did your rent-payment list look like? Share your stories on our Facebook page at facebook.com/holyhereticzine

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