Fellowship of Heretics Daily Devotional: December 20, 2016 — There Was No Room for Them In The Inn



Compiled by Mercy Junction Pastor Brian Merritt

“Christmas, as we know it, is a symbol, a recognition, a flower on the altar, a bow in passing. It says a tiny yes to the dream, it sings a little song.” — Harriet Moore

When we recognize our face in the face of the Christ child, then maybe we can see our neighbor for who they truly are as well. We too often want to find the problem or solution to our problem outside of ourselves. We must realize that we can not control others. We are responsible for ourselves and service to others. The symbol of “God with us” being a tiny, vulnerable child reminds us that the divine is not only precious, but as vulnerable as any one of us. We are all broken, lost, frightened, hopeful, dreamers and full of infinite possibilities. Let’s start to love ourselves so that we can serve our neighbors this season of light.

Today’s Action: Look up the word light in the dictionary. Which ways do you see the different definitions of light in your life?

Today’s Sharing: We would love to hear you describe how light affects you emotionally. Do you feel different on a sunny day than you do on an overcast and cloudy one? Share them on our Facebook page at facebook.com/holyhereticzine

** Don’t forget your gratitude journal at the back of your print edition of Holy Heretic!
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