Become a card-carrying heretic for justice


Feeling a little lost?  A little lonely? Searching for your people?

If you are a radical, a rebel, a rabble rouser you have found your place.

The Fellowship of Heretics is the coolest group of good-hearted troublemakers, malcontents and other cool people  who support the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center and make it possible for us to continue to create a community of artists, activists and people of faith committed to the work of hospitality, peacemaking and social justice activism.

A membership in the Fellowship can be as a little as $5 per month/$60 per year and includes some cool swag. Members get an Our Lady of Holy Heresy T-shirt, and Our Lady of Holy Heresy sticker and their very own membership card (making them a card-carrying heretic) in their welcome packet.

Every month after that, the Heretic will receive our monthly radical devotional zine, Holy Heretic, in their real, physical mailbox — like a paper copy, y’all, not an email.

You can join the Fellowship through our website:, or email and we’ll help you through the process.



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