Holy Heretic Devotional – Jan. 18, 2017-Sheros and Heroes


Compiled by Holy Heretic/Freelance Agent Benjamin Silas Foster

“I think every revolutionary act is an act of love. Every song that I’ve written, it is because of my desire to use music as a way to empower and re-humanize people who are living in a dehumanizing setting. The song is in order to better the human condition.” — Zach De La Rocha

​As the front man and emcee for Rage Against the Machine, revolutionary poet Zach de la Rocha, served as the voice of the voiceless for dozens of different causes throughout the band’s rise to fame and today. Zach used the attention Rage garnered themselves with their hard hitting sound to advocate in favor of the release of Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal as well as draw light to the Zapatista movement, fighting for the rights of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Since the breakup of RATM, Zach has embarked on his own low key solo career, still advocating for the same causes he always has, at times joining together with old band mates to combat injustice, such as with Tom Morello at a food rally for the Coalition of Immokalee Works in 2007.

Zach, along with Tom Morello, a renowned revolutionary artist in his own right, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk redefined the sound of protest music in the mid 90s when Rage hit the scene with their combination of heavy metal and brash hip-hop. It was Zach’s righteously angry lyrics aimed at a system he constantly saw oppressing different peoples, and his intense delivery that would gain de la Rocha the venue to advocate for the causes laid on his heart. Using Rage’s sound, and now his own solo career, Zach has never forfeited the opportunity to expose oppression through his music.

Today’s Action: Today, follow Zach’s example. Embrace your anger, righteously, and channel it into making music, writing, praying, or expressing yourself in a way that has been laid on your heart.

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