The Lookout — Chattanooga’s street newspaper launches on Valentine’s Day

flag-1In an act of radical love and solidarity with the most marginalized of our community, Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center will begin publishing The Lookout — a broadsheet social justice-oriented street newspaper — with the first issue hitting the streets on Feb. 14, 2017, Valentine’s Day.

The Lookout will be distributed by those who are, who have been or who are at risk of experiencing homelessness in our community. Tara Thomas will be the editor and can be reached by email at or by phone at 423.451.0642. Benjamin V. Bell is the distribution manager and can be reached at 423.244.4074 or

Distributors will be on the street throughout Chattanooga. In exchange for a copy of the newspaper, readers are asked to have a conversation with the distributor, and to make a donation which goes directly to and stays with the distributor. The newspaper will be published monthly.

Here’s some ways you can be involved and support Chattanooga’s street newspaper:

CALENDAR OR EVENTS: If you have a social justice-oriented event, please email us details about where, when, what time, who’s hosting and what it’s all about. We’ll include it our calendar about all the justice and peace work that is happening in our city right now, and use The Lookout as a tool to help you organize. Calendar of Event items can be sent to or call 423.451.0642.

ADVERTISING: We will be selling advertising in The Lookout as a means to cover printing costs. If you or your organization or business or place of worship would like to purchase advertising, please contact Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Director Beth Foster by email at or call 423.451.0642. Why should you advertise in The Lookout? To support a project that seeks to uplift and inform about social justice in Chattanooga. To support our distributors who are, who have been or who are at risk of experiencing homelessness. To get word out about your work, organization, business or place of worship to an audience that is progressive, informed, compassionate and caring.

CONTENT: Want to write for The Lookout about a social justice issue? Contact Tara at or Beth at, or call 423.451.0642.

DISTRIBUTOR: Are you someone who is, has been or are at risk of experiencing homelessness? Want to be a distributor? Contact Benjamin about this great opportunity to earn a bit of money and be a voice for your community. You can reach Benjamin at 423.244.4074 or

SUPPORT MERCY JUNCTION: Support Mercy Junction so that we can continue to do projects like The Lookout. For more information about Mercy Junction, visit our website at


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