Holy Heretic Devotional – Feb. 1, 2017-Sheros and Heroes



Compiled by Holy Heretic/Freelance Agent Benjamin Silas Foster

“The enemies of the country and of freedom of the people have always denounced as bandits those who sacrifice themselves for the noble causes of the people.” –Emiliano Zapata

Born into poverty in the rural village of Anenecuilco, of the Morelos state of Mexico, in August of 1879, Emiliano Zapata would go on to provide an incendiary example to those who battle oppression in all its forms, and became one of Mexico’s most popular folk heroes. Throughout his life, Zapata waged never ending guerilla warfare against the oppressors of his people and spoke on behalf of, and advocated for, all the underprivileged people’s of Mexico. In the 1910 Mexican revolution Zapata sided with Madero’s campaign against President Diaz, though he feared what may become of the revolution, he agreed with Madero regarding land reforms, which was the most important issue to Zapata, and the one he perceived most helpful to the people of Morelos.

When Diaz was eventually taken out of power and many other “revolutionaries” began taking part in a civil war to gain personal power, Zapata chose instead to focus on being a leader to his home of Morelos, and oversee the peaceful redistribution of land. Zapata was assassinated in 1919 while continuing a campaign against a previous ally of the 1910 revolution turned power hungry tyrant, Venustiano Carranza. After his death, many of Zapata’s followers united to drive Carranza from power, and obtain powerful government posts to further protect Morelos and institute reforms envisioned by Zapata himself. Today, Zapata remains a powerful icon and hero in Mexico and has been channeled by many different movements, including the neo-Zapatista movement.

Today’s Action: Zapata dedicated his life, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to protecting his people, and all citizens of Mexico from tyranny and oppression. Meditate, pray, and discuss with God just how you can apply your own life to supporting the same kind of causes, and ideals of justice, that Zapata upheld.

Today’s Sharing: Share with the community and with us just how you have been led in your life to uphold the ideas of justice and community that Zapata advocated for, fought for, and ultimately gave his life for. Be sure to share your ideas with us on the Holy Heretic Facebook page at facebook.com/holyhereticzine.

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