Holy Heretic Devotional – Feb. 21, 2017-Sheros and Heroes



Compiled by Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Pastor Brian Merritt

Illusion is no longer possible, because the real is no longer possible.
Jean Baudrillard

Jesus Christ was one of the greatest activists of all times. He stood against religious, state and commerce’s injustice. He preached good news to the poor, stood with sex workers, healed the untouchables, died with thieves, was taught by unacceptable refugee women, taught women equally to men and raised the dead. Not only did Jesus stand against the moral bankruptcy in religion, he also railed against the hierarchies that supposedly spiritual people imposed. Unlike many in the executive branch of government, Jesus believed that truth was not only reliable, set and knowable, but that knowing that truth would set people free. I fear that Jesus would be treated the same way by the church, both conservative and liberal,  today as he was treated over 2000 years ago.

Today’s Action: Read John 8:32.

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