Holy Heretic Devotional – March 1, 2017-Sheroes and Heroes



Compiled by Holy Heretic/ Freelance Agent Benjamin Foster

“What people love about life is its miraculous beauty; what they hate about death is the loss and decay around it. Yet losing is not losing, and decay turns into beauty, as beauty turns back into decay. We are breathed in, breathed out. Therefore all you need is to understand the one breath that makes up the world.” -Stephen Mitchell


Stephen Mitchell is an author, poet, translator, and religious and christian scholar from Brooklyn, New York. In his expansive career, Mitchell has asked some hard hitting questions regarding The Bible, who Jesus really was and what he did on Earth, and some of Christianity’s greatest questions in general. In Mitchell’s Seminal “The Gospel According to Jesus” the author takes a long look at the authentic accounts of the acts of Jesus and those added by the early church to attempt to isolate just who Jesus truly was as a religious leader, revolutionary, and son of God.

Following “The Gospel According to Jesus,” Mitchell once again focused on the concepts of Christianity, with “Genesis,” an in depth interpretation of The Bible’s first book. In omitting what Mitchell and other scholars have determined as scribal additions, Stephen manages to imbued his interpretation with an immeasurable strength to the original text. With his research and scholarly background in Judeo-Zen, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, and Jewish and Christian traditions, Mitchell always takes an unflinching look at religion and provides the reader with an unparalleled account of historical and spiritual precepts.


Today’s Action: Today, take a hard look at the things you believe. Do you believe them because they have been proven to you and laid on your heart by God, or have they simply become habitual acts of faith that may have no real bearing on your spiritual existence?

Today’s Sharing: Share your realizations on your faith and spirituality and how you’ve overcome false doctrine and habitual acts with us on the Holy Heretic Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HolyHereticZine/

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