Holy Heretic Devotional – March 13, 2017-Sheroes and Heroes



Compiled by Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center Assistant Director, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Healer Kali Meister

“A mother must set and example of self-love and strong self-esteem that the child can follow, before the child can learn to love and respect her.” ~ Laurie Cabot

Laurie Cabot, the Official Witch of Salem. Laurie Cabot is a Witch, psychic, medium, teacher and author.

Laurie is fiercely defensive of a witch’s civil rights and has long urged other witches to make a stand for their equality, rights and public image.  To help with this in 1986 she founded ‘The Witches League of Public Awareness’, an institution that serves as a media watchdog and civil rights advocate for witchcraft.  The League’s mission statement reads: “The Witches’ League for Public Awareness is a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft.  The work of the League springs from a shared vision of a world free from all religious persecution”.

As the founder of the Witches League of Public Awareness, Laurie felt obligated to enter into the 1987 Salem mayoralty elections after incumbent Anthony V. Salvo made derogatory comments about Witchcraft and Witches in the press.  He claimed that one of his opponents ‘Robert E. Gauthier’, who happened to be a friend of Laurie’s, was also a ‘Warlock’, a term not favored by Witches of either sex.  Gauthier replied and denied it, blaming the Salvo camp for spreading the rumors.  He was also quoted as saying:  “he discounted witchcraft and that no one of average intelligence believed in it”.  With that Laurie jumped into the foray simply to prove that Witches had civil rights of equality and were indeed present in abundance and had a strong voice.  After running a spirited campaign that attracted local and national support, on the 11th August the deadline for returning nominations, Laurie dropped out of the race citing business commitments and work on a book.

Today’s Action: Support the mothers in your life. Offer to babysit. Take your single mom friend out to lunch. Go help her clean her house. Show your appreciation for the mothers of the world.

Today’s Sharing: Share your stories of mothers and motherhood with us on the Holy Heretic on Facebook page at facebook.com/holyhereticzine.

** Don’t forget your gratitude journal at the back of your print edition of HolyHeretic!


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