I am 10 years old … my dad is undocumented

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This article is from the March 2017 issue of The Lookout newspaper. The Lookout is a social justice street newspaper published by the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center. It is available throughout Chattanooga from distributors who are, who have been or who are at risk of experiencing homelessness. A suggested donation of $1 per copy stays with the distributor. You can also pick up a copy at the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center, 1918 Union Ave., Chattanooga TN 37404, or you can get a year’s subscription to the monthly newspaper for $24 by emailing justice@mercyjunctioncenter.org.

By Ralea Sales-Grun
Age 10 of Tennessee

My name is Ralea. I am 10 years old. Ever since I started hearing about Donald trump and all his campaign promises, I have been scared.

He promised to build walls and deport people instead of uniting people and building bridges. And now that he has been elected he is keeping close to his promises.

People who would be affected by his orders are mostly good people. People who have made some mistakes, but who have tried to work hard and provide for their families. People like my dad …

My dad is undocumented. He came to this country to find a better life. He was six years older than I am now when he left his home and family. He was still just a kid!

He has not been able to see his family in over 15 years, but I am his family. He takes very good care of me, and works 6-7 days a week. I am very scared Trump will take him away. Many kids at my school are also scared of the future and the possibility of their families being torn apart.

My family along with my classmates’ families have had to talk about moving to Mexico to keep our families together, if the worst should happen. Mexico, a place I know little about, have no friends, and do not know the language. All of this is why I am scared. This is not how to make America great.

It was already pretty great before Trump and fear came to office.

I am 10 years old and I know that separating families is wrong. I wonder why so many people have hatred in their hearts instead of love. I pray for a bright and happy future, just like I’m sure my dad did so many years ago.


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