Holy Fools Unite For Mercy Junction’s April 1 Interfaith Worship Service


April Fools gather together for an interfaith worship. April fools day!

Everyone is welcome to Mercy Junction’s third monthly Interfaith Worship service! Whether you come from a particular faith heritage, are a seeker or of no faith all are welcome. We believe that this can be a space where you bring the best of your faith and we can all benefit from it. The service will reflect the community that we have created at Mercy Junction of artists, activists and people of faith.

This month we will be focusing on the idea of the Fool in religious traditions. Each culture has their own representation of the fool. The Holy Fool, the Trickter, the Sacred Clown, the Jester and the Heyoka are just to name some. We hope that you will join us this April Fools day to celebrate the holiness of foolishness.

We will begin with fellowship through a vegan potluck which will be followed by our worship together.

Vegan Potluck: 5 pm
Worship begins: 6 pm


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