The substance and evidence of our faith after Charlottesville

By Beth Foster, Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center director I’ve told about my experiences in Charlottesville this past weekend over and over in the last couple days — on social media, in videos, and to reporters, family members, friends, and others in my community. That is one of the reasons I went, to bear […]

Making God Angry

sermon preached by Rev. Brian Merritt at Renaissance Presbyterian Church Text: Isaiah 1:1, 10-20 As a pastor when I continually encounter people who are not getting enough food to eat, in a land of plenty I get angry. When I am asked about helping with utilities, transportation, housing or health I am livid. When I […]

Today’s Sermon at Renaissance Presbyterian Church

The Law Vs. The Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 It has been a difficult week in our country, yet I do not want to imply that it is unique. It seems that we have become a nation of addicts looking for their fix of violence. There are legitimate reasons for anger, rage, resentment, fear and sadness. These […]

What is Sacred Community?

What is sacred community?¬†¬†Galatians 3: 28-29 Preached at Renaissance Community Church by Rev. Brian Merritt 3/7/16 I grew up in a very conservative church and town in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is a place that prides itself in the simple life and that sometimes is equated with a simple minded ethic. I only knew an ethic […]

Without Honor

Sermon preached by Brian Merritt at Renaissance Presbyterian Church 1/31/16 Luke 4:14-30 I hear preachers who often extol their role as prophetic preachers. Then I listen to their preaching and wonder why my definition of the prophetic is so radically different than theirs. Am I just being contrary when I contend that many of the […]